Arranging a Funeral

When you contact Kieran Bros Funeral Care we will arrange a time to come and visit you, or, for you to visit us – whichever suits you best. We will sit down with you and your family and discuss what needs to happen next. Your input is an important part when it comes to arranging a funeral. We also give advice about the various options such as:

Care and Presentation

Permission to Embalm

Clothing, Photograph and Possessions

Coffin Selection

The Funeral Notice

Publishing Options   –  Radio, Newspapers

Arrangements for the public

Family Tree and  photos

Photograph for Online Notice


Family Home/ Funeral Home

Public Visiting Times

Preparation of Public Visitation

Personalisation of Visitation


The Ceremony

Religious  and Non-Religious Ceremony Options

Readings, Prayers, Music

Extra Requests, for example Funeral Stationery


The Commital (Burial or Cremation)


Floral Tributes

Extra Requests – for example other tributes such as graveside


Checklist of things to do following bereavement – People/Organisations to Contact

Not all of the points on this list will apply to your particular situation, but many will. If the Deceased left specific instructions regarding preferences for funeral and burial arrangements, with a list of people to be notified, your job is much easier. If not, you will need to consult other family members and look for addresses or phone numbers that can help you with your task.

People/Organisations to Notify

  • Contact next of kin, immediate and extended family members
  • Contact a Funeral Director to arrange a funeral
  • Contact close friends of the Deceased and friends of the immediate family
  • Notify the Deceased’s employer if an employee or the school/college if in education
  • Contact a Priest or Minister of the Deceased’s religion
  • Notify the Deceased’s solicitor if there is one
  • Landlord or local authority if the Deceased lived in a rented property
  • Social groups the Deceased belonged to
  • Contact the Local Health Officeof the Deceased or voluntary organisation if they were getting community care health services
  • Contact the doctor/hospital if the Deceased was awaiting any appointments
  • Contact travel agencies, hotels, airlines etc.

You may need to cancel some, or all, of the following:

  • standing orders
  • newspapers & other journal subscriptions
  • milk deliveries
  • coal deliveries
  • telephone and broadband internet connection
  • mobile phone
  • bin collection
  • rent
  • TV & radio licence
  • postal services (or have them re-directed)