When you get in touch with Kieran Bros. Funeral Care, we’ll arrange a time to come and visit you, or for you to visit us, whichever suits you best. If you prefer, we can come to meet you somewhere else, like a friend’s house. In that conversation, we’ll talk about the service that we provide, your options and we’ll ask you where you’d like the person who has died to rest before the funeral.

After discussing your requirements, we will arrange the funeral you want, taking on the responsibility for organising every aspect of the event and delivering it to the highest
professional standards.

Our role as a funeral director is to offer you our advice in all the options for the funeral and arranging everything in accordance with your wishes, and those of the deceased, within an agreed budget.

In summary we look after the following:

1) Present to you the various viewing and funeral options available.
2) Undertake the duties required to carry out the funeral from the descisions made by
the family including the coordination of any third parties involved such as grave diggers.
3) Manage the care of the deceased throughout all stages of the funeral from the time which that are received into our care until the committal has been completed.
4) Provision of any equipment needed to look after the funeral.
5) Management of the staff and vehicles necessary to look after the transfer of the deceased from place of death, to family homes/funeral home and attendance at ceremonies.
6) Post funeral advice and consultation.