Why do I have to register the death?

It is a legal requirement in Ireland that every death that takes place in the State must be recorded and registered. Records of deaths in Ireland are held in the General Register Office, which is the central civil repository for records relating to Births, Marriages, and Deaths in Ireland. You can apply for a copy of a death certificate to any Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Death or to the General Register Office. We can advise you on these steps at our post funeral consultation.

What do I need to register the death?

In order to register a death, a Qualified Informant must bring to the Registrar’s Office a copy of the Death Notification Form (DNF). Please note that HSE documents in relation to death registration refer to their own DNF Form incorrectly as a Death Registration Form (DRF). In addition, the Informant must provide certain information required for registration.

The following are required to register a death:

  • Forename of the Deceased
  • Surname of Deceased
  • Former residence of the Deceased
  • Date of birth of the Deceased
  • Age of Deceased at last birthday
  • PPSN
  • Date of Death
  • Place where the death occurred
  • DNF
  • Details of Medical Practitioner
  • Sex of the Deceased
  • Marital Status of Deceased
  • Qualification, and residence of Informant.