At Kieran Bros. Funeral Care, we aim to provide clarity and transparency regarding funeral costs, guiding you through every aspect of the process. Understanding the cost of a funeral is crucial in making informed decisions during this challenging time.


The cost of a funeral is comprised of two main components: Funeral Director’s Costs and Third-Party Costs.


Funeral Director’s Costs encompass the services and materials provided by Kieran Bros. These include:

  • Funeral Service & Cost Guide, Use of Hearse, and Ceremony Attendance
  • Coordination with medical personnel for death notification and transportation of remains
  • Preparation and presentation of the deceased
  • Options for viewing at our funeral home or other locations
  • Liaison with clergy, cemeteries, crematoria, and more
  • Assistance with coffin selection, death notices, floral tributes, music, and hymn selection
  • Provision of funeral vehicles and condolence books
  • Additional services upon request, such as use of our funeral home


Third-Party Costs are expenses paid to others as part of the funeral arrangements and are paid by us on your behalf. These include:

  • Grave purchase and opening, cremation fees, newspaper announcements, flowers, church donations, and other miscellaneous expenses.
  • We obtain your approval before incurring any third-party costs, ensuring transparency and accountability.


Funeral Options 

At Kieran Bros, we understand the importance of clarity and simplicity during times of grief. To assist families in making informed decisions that align with their needs and financial considerations, we offer three distinct funeral cost options. Each funeral option is designed with care and compassion, ensuring a respectful and dignified farewell for your loved one and includes the third party fess required to carry out the chose funeral. 


Funeral Costs:

Simple Cremation – €4,000
Simple cremation coffin
Private viewing/wake at our funeral home
Third Party Fees included – Celebration of life ceremony at the crematorium

Traditional/Religious Funeral with Cremation – €4,500
Simple cremation coffin
Public and/or private wake at our funeral home
Third Party Fees included – Religious ceremony with music, cremation fee and cremation ceremony

Traditional/Religious Funeral with Burial – €5,000
Traditional veneer coffin
Public and/or private wake at our funeral home
Third Party Fees included – Religious ceremony with music and grave opening/burial in an adjacent cemetery

Please note the following are not included: Grave plot purchase, flowers, funeral stationery, family cars, during or after-funeral catering, coffin upgrades, newspaper or radio funeral notices.

Funeral Cost Supports


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If you would like to discuss your wishes, please contact us