Funeral Costs

One of the roles as a Funeral Director is to help you understand how much a funeral costs, explaining everything from our funeral director costs to the payments that we make on your behalf, making it as clear as possible to help you make an informed choice on which funeral will be right for you.


The cost of a funeral depends on the choices you make and where the funeral is to be conducted.

The entire cost of a funeral is made up of the following:


1) Funeral Directors Costs

These relate to the services and materials provided by Kieran Bros. and there are usually three parts to this charge.

Funeral Service & Cost Guide, Use of Hearse and Ceremony Attendance

At our initial meeting we will discuss the choice of burial or cremation. We will liaise with medical personnel to arrange the completion of the death notification form. We will also arrange for the removal of remains from the place of death to our Funeral Home where embalming, preparation, dressing and presentation of the Deceased occurs.

Options for viewing at the Funeral Home and/or return to the family home, or a chapel of rest at a nursing home will be discussed and agreed with family. We will confirm our attendance, overseeing and officiating during the course of the funeral proceedings as well as any additional requests by the family. Typically all duties carried out by Kieran Bros. Funeral Care are listed below. If there is anything not listed below which you would like to be included as part of the funeral arrangements please feel free to contact us and we can discuss your requests during a personal and private meeting.

  • Liaising/confirming details with clergy, churches, cemeteries, crematoria, as required.
  • Caring for, preparing and dressing the Deceased, as per the family’s wishes.
  • Assisting in the selection of a coffin or casket from our extensive range.
  • Assisting in preparing and inserting death notices for publication.
  • Arranging for the use of our Funeral Home as an alternative to your private residence.
  • Organising the purchase and/or opening of a grave plot.
  • Provision of funeral vehicles where required.
  • Arranging a selection of floral tributes.
  • Assisting with music and hymn selection by putting you in contact with local choirs/musicians.
  • Arranging  the production of Mass booklets or service sheets when requested.
  • Providing condolence books which can be signed at the Funeral Home, residence, church/crematorium.
  • Arranging for the use of our Funeral Home as an alternative to a private residence.



2) Coffin


3) Additional Services Requested. For example, the use of our Funeral Home.


4) Third Party Costs

These relate to costs incurred as part of the agreed funeral arrangements.  We pay third party costs on your behalf and then include those costs on the final bill. Third party costs are only ever  incurred with your prior approval.  These include items such as the purchase of a grave, grave opening, cremation charges, church fees, funeral notices, flowers, organist and other musicians, soloist, funeral stationery etc.

The range of charges/fees is currently as follows:

  • Grave Purchase for a single plot and opening from €500.
  • Cremation Fees; from €650
  • Newspaper Announcements; from €230
  • Flowers; from €59
  • Church donation to cover Organist & Choir from €350
  • Monies paid out by the funeral director at the time of the funeral could range from €1,000 to €3000.

Combining the Funeral Directors’ charges and the payments to third parties the cost of a traditional funeral in Kingscourt and surrounding area can range from €2,300 to €5,000.

Funeral Home Family Home Combination

Many families wish to combine the intimacy of bringing their loved one home for a private viewing along with hosting a public visitation in our Funeral Home.

This may be necessary due to the issues which may arise with holding a public visitation in a family home such as parking management.

This combination can be facilitated by Kieran Bros and confirmation of the exact details and request can be discussed at the initial funeral arrangement meeting.