Funeral Home Family Home Combination
Many families wish to combine the intimacy of bringing their loved one home for a private viewing along with hosting a public visitation in our Funeral Home.
This may be necessary due to the issues which may arise with holding a public visitation in a family home such as parking management.
This Funeral Home Family Home combination can be facilitated by Kieran Bros and confirmation of the exact details and request can be discussed at the initial funeral arrangement meeting.


Funeral stationery
Funeral stationery is a simple way of personalising the funeral and provides an opportunity to create a unique commemoration to the person who has died.
You can choose from a range of stationery for a funeral ceremony that includes a selection of beautifully designed Mass Booklets, Orders of Service, Bookmarks and Wallet Cards.

This personalised stationery can include photographs, personal messages, readings, hymns and poems. We will spend time helping you to choose an appropriate design and provide advice on the content and layout to help you provide family and friends with a perfect way of remembering someone special.


Mass Booklets/ Order of Service
Given to those attending the funeral service on the day, containing readings, hymns and the order of proceedings.
From €100 (minimum 50) Price varies depending on pages required
Pages: 4/8 or 12

Bookmark or Wallet Cards
Designed & prepared lasting keepsake of a loved one to be kept in a book, wallet or purse. Typically given out on the day of the funeral to close family, friends and attendees of the ceremony.
From €100 (minimum 50)
Size: Wallet Card 85x 55mm Bookmark 75 x 175mm

Funeral Flowers

Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers are a traditional way to pay tribute to the Deceased; however some people hesitate to send flowers to a funeral because they are unsure of the proper etiquette.

Here are some things to consider when choosing funeral flowers for a loved one.

  • Flowers for the coffin/ casket are chosen by the immediate family.


  • Graveside Roses tribute – some members of the immediate family may wish to place a single rose into the grave with the coffin as a final tribute before leaving the cemetery.

Other relatives and close friends have a wide range of options and may choose from wreaths, hearts, cushions or custom tributes to honour the personality of the deceased.

• Friends and colleagues may choose a small spray arrangement.

Transportation Options

Kieran Bros. Funeral Care can assist you family with the hire of shared transportation to and from funeral ceremonies. Our options include some non-traditional funeral transport methods such as Horse Drawn Hearse or Lorry Hearse or Motorbike Hearse.

Grave Markers & Surrounds

Our temporary grave markers are designed to serve as an attractive, temporary grave marker while the permanent marble or granite headstone is being designed or sculpted.

Live Stream

We offer mourners the opportunity to take part in the grieving process through a secure online viewing system. With the family’s permission we record the funeral service and make it available within a few hours through a secure online portal.