The care and presentation of the body are among our most important functions as Funeral Directors. Kieran Bros. uses fully qualified embalmers to achieve the highest possible standard of presentation. The presentation of the Deceased is recognised as a very important part of the grieving process and for the best results, we recommend the combination of the following techniques:


Not every family wishes to view the Deceased, however, embalming gives family and friends the opportunity for an open coffin viewing. Throughout the embalming procedure and funeral your loved one is treated with dignity and respect. Embalming is not a legal requirement, however, should anything unpleasant occur, which would prevent viewing, the Funeral Director cannot be held responsible if the family have declined embalming.

Embalming is carried out for three reasons, which are:

  • Preservation
  • Presentation
  • Sanitisation


Benefits of Embalming

  • Preservation

Embalming preserves the body from the time the Deceased comes in to the care of the Funeral Director until the time of the committal by delaying the onset of the natural processes that take place when a person dies.


  • Presentation

An embalmer will work to ensure that your loved one is presented in a peaceful and natural way

Embalming can restore a more natural appearance giving the Deceased a peaceful repose. It may also remove some, if not all of the obvious signs of illness or trauma suffered, which may be of great comfort to those grieving.

If possible, it is recommended that the Funeral Director is given a recent photograph of the Deceased which can be of use for presentation purposes. For dressing, and because of possible changes to the condition of the Deceased, a long sleeved item of clothing would be preferable with a high neckline and/or scarf to complete the presentation.

After death, changes within the body can produce a pale appearance. This is counteracted by adding coloring to the embalming fluid, which gives a more natural appearance. Other fluid can also be used to re-hydrate the body to enhance the appearance further.

  • Sanitisation

Embalming is also carried out with a responsibility to the health of the family, the general public and the funeral staff by reducing the risk of infection. This sanitisation process also allows the Deceased to be touched or hands held whilst receiving visitors to a family home or funeral home.


The Procedure

The process of embalming is not unlike a blood transfusion procedure. Embalming fluid is delivered to all the necessary parts of the body via the circulatory system of the person who has died. This process preserves the body from the time the Deceased comes into the care of the Funeral Director until the time of the committal by delaying the onset of the natural processes that take place when a person dies. Kieran Bros. Funeral Care only employs the services of qualified embalmers, who have completed training and gained an agreed level of competence with one of the following organisations: The British Institute of Embalmers, The European Association of Embalmers or The Professional Embalmers Association of Ireland.



The application of mortuary cosmetics is not aimed to mask the visual signs of death but instead, it is purposed to complement the result of an embalming procedure in order to recreate the ‘normal’ image of the Deceased including hairstyle, make-up, and hair colour.

Clothing and Dress

Many families prefer their loved one to wear their own clothes, uniform or religious habit and, on occasion, items of jewellery. Once embalming has been completed, and the body laid out and dressed appropriately, the Deceased will repose in a family residence or our funeral home for viewing.