As Funeral Directors, our role is to work with you as a family to help you decide how best to organize a funeral which reflects the wishes of you and the deceased as well as any religious or cultural requirements. Whether we meet you in your own home, discuss matters over the phone or meet in our Funeral Home in Kingscourt it is our responsibility to lift the burden from your shoulders. The service we provide for you typically involves the following:
  • Providing you with the information you require to decide what type of funeral you would like for your loved one
  • Caring for the remains of your loved one in a dignified and respectful manner which may involve the use of embalming.
  • Helping you select from our range of coffins in our showroom.
  • Enabling you, your family and your friends to view your loved one’s remains as and when you would like.
  • Preparing and providing the use of our funeral home if necessary for viewing your loved one’s remains.
  • Help you arrange a selection of floral tributes.
  • Making any other arrangements you would like us to make such as placing death notices in local and national media, organizing religious ceremonies, liaising with hospital staff, clergy, gravediggers, crematoriums, musicians, etc.
  • Making the funeral and committal arrangements on your behalf which includes obtaining official certificates and permits as required.
  • Assist you to organize a cremation service should you decide against the tradition burial option.
Kieran Bros Funeral Care is synonymous with the provision of a complete range of Funeral Services in caring for the needs of the deceased and the wishes of those involved. In keeping with this, we also offer additional services to care for post funeral arrangements. For further information on any of these services just click on the link below;
  1. Headstones & Memorials
  2. Stationery
  3. Repatriation

Alternative Funeral Options

Kieran Bros. Funeral Care can also offer, if you wish, to organize alternative funeral arrangements to traditional religious ceremonies.

The above list is not exhaustive and we can guarantee our total commitment in assisting with any other request you may have. Call into us on Hall, Street, Kingscourt, Co.Cavan, for a private and personal meeting or call 042 966309 or 087 6218740. Alternatively, you can email us using our Contact page. We’re available to you 24 hours every day.