Live Funeral Streaming

As part of our complete Funeral Service offering, Kieran Bros. Funeral Care can provide families with the option to record their loved one’s funeral service to include family and friends who are unable to make it in person. We offer mourners the opportunity to take part in the grieving process through a secure online viewing system. With the families permission, we record the funeral service and make it available within a few hours through a secure online portal.

The ceremony can only be viewed by those who have received a specific password to ensure high levels of privacy. We aim to provide a professional and discreet service which respects the sensitivity of the occasion, conducting our work from an appropriate distance so as not to disrupt the ceremony. The three options offered by Kieran Bros. Funeral Care are

  1. Online Viewing
  2. Online viewing is the most popular service we receive inquiries about. This option allows mourners to view the Ceremony securely online within two hours of the funeral.

  3. Live Streaming
  4. Live streaming of the funeral ceremony is offered where broadband is available (depending on location). With live streaming mourners to log onto a secure web page and view the ceremony live.

  5. Permanent Recording
  6. Some families who have decided to opt for either online viewing or live streaming also like to have a permanent record of the funeral ceremony. We can provide a recording on DVD for families who wish to avail of this option.

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