Care & Presentation of the deceased

The care and presentation of the body is one of our most important functions of Funeral Directors. Kieran Bros. use fully qualified embalmers to achieve the highest possible standard of presentation. The presentation of the deceased is recognised as a very important part of the grieving process and for the best results we recommend the combination of the following techniques.


Embalming combines the sanitation and preservation of the body. This is achieved by the injection of a treated solution into the circulatory system. This returns a more natural appearance and also prevents the spread of bacteria and advancement of deterioration.


The application of mortuary cosmetics is not aimed to mask the visual signs of death but instead it is purposed to complement the result of an embalming procedure in order to recreate the ‘normal’ image of the deceased (e.g. hairstyle, make-up, hair colour, etc.) that most people would be familiar with.

Clothing and Dress

Many families prefer their loved one to wear their own clothes, uniform or religious habit and, on occasion, items of jewellery.
Once these techniques have been utilised the deceased will usually repose in a family residence or our funeral home.