Bereavement Information

Bereavement Support Information

Although grieving is a natural process which can be helped by the sympathy and understanding of friends, sometimes one may need support to work through it in a positive way.

Friends don’t always know how to help; they may be embarrassed by one’s grief; they may even avoid meeting one in the mistaken belief that a meeting may increase distress.Comfort
It is quite normal to feel anger, guilt, fear and depression as well as the awful pain of loss. These feelings need to be expressed rather than repressed, to be talked out, cried over and put in some sort of perspective.
It helps the healing process to talk with a trained listener and confront the very strong feelings associated with grief.

Support Available

We have compiled in the following the details of the various support groups which are available in neighbouring towns around Kingscourt and the four surrounding counties (Cavan, Meath, Monaghan and Louth) which we service as well as some of the national organisations.

List of Details Included;

  • Local Supports in Kingscourt and surrounding areas
  • National Organisations & Supports
  • Supports for Young Adults & Children
  • Suicide Bereavement Support
  • Suggested Reading Lists

Kieran Bros Funeral Directors are not affiliated to any of these organisations below and the list of supports described is provided in good faith in the hope it may assist our customers with their journey through grief.

“There’s no way for them to take away my sadness, but they can make sure I am not empty of all the other feelings.” 
David Levithan

If you have any questions on the details provided or any other matters, please feel free to contact us.

For a list of Local & National Support Groups

Kieran Bros Funeral Care Bereavement Support Pack